Why is my house not selling? A few tips to to help sellers.

IMG_2679So, Your House Just Won’t Sell?

If the housing market is doing well, this does not mean that you’re your house should sit on the market for an extended duration. A lot of people like to use the excuse that “the market just isn’t what it used to be.” Unfortunately, this is usually something that a seller likes to use to rationalize why their home isn’t selling. It’s also an excuse that a poor realtor may use to explain to people why he or she isn’t getting any good leads. Sure, there will always be a buyer who is not interested in your house. But, if your house isn’t selling, you might need to start being more realistic about why, and make some changes. Here are some reasons.

Your pricing is simply too high. One of the reasons a home lingers on the market is that the seller has over priced the house. Too many sellers price their home according to emotion, and not the market, which is a mistake. Most sellers believe that their home is worth way more than the market can bear.

Your home needs lots, and lots of work. Don’t go running out to renovate your kitchen, but the truth is, sometimes all you need to do is spruce up the pace a bit:  add some flowers outside, paint the deck, or paint the living room. This isn’t the time to embark on some costly renovations. Today’s buyers are busy and they want houses where they don’t have to put in a lot of time and money after the purchase. Many prefer move in ready, and will do renovations as time and money allows. Plus, if your home is a fixer-upper, you’re at a disadvantage from the get go. Lots of homebuyers today just won’t spend the time or money fixing up homes.

It’s also possible that your home just looks run-down. Is your home dated? Do you have that pepto-bismal pink carpet, or ugly wallpaper in the bathroom? Many buyers don’t want to deal with these things. Yes, they’re easily fixable but too many of these things add up fast. One or two dated things might be okay, but more than that, and you will lose buyers fast.  Many buyers don’t want to see “you” in the house; they want to see themselves, so try to decorate your home according to what is more universally expected. This includes neutral colors, furniture, walls, and accessories. 

One big reason your home may not be selling is that you aren’t making yourself available to buyers. Perhaps people have wanted to see your house, but you told the realtor that they couldn’t come then. And then this repeats the next time they want to view the property. Buyers who who are motivated will not wait around for the seller to have time for them.

Finally, another option is that you simply aren’t advertising your house correctly. Maybe your photos are poor. Maybe you barely even have your home posted online, and if you do, maybe it’s not on the popular websites. Make sure you have amazing, high-quality photos. See: Best Kept Secrets to Selling Your Home.

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